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AI-mmi is a platform and on-line community of the migrants, for the migrants, and by the migrants. This is a one-stop-shop for all information related to pre and post migration to another country. If you are considering moving to a new country, you have the options of getting your migration advisory and application services by our AI agent here or contacting one of our registered migration agents. If you are a migration agent, you may publish migration related news or events here and access to all the subscribers and users. If you are a service provider, you will also have the opportunity to promote your services here for any pre or post migration supports.

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What is AI-mmi?

AI-mmi is an artificial intelligent migration consultant and a one-stop-shop migration platform. AI-mmi not only answers questions related to migration matters, but also assists your visa submission by assessing your eligibility, filling out the required forms (limited services at this stage) and validating your documents and application.

How does it work?

Free Assessment

If you are not sure where to start, you may either

  • take a free assessment here (AI assisted), or
  • contact one of our migration agents here, they will follow up with you for an obligation-free assessment (non AI).


You may also

  • ask up to 3 questions for free to AI-mmi. If you need to get help from AI-mmi beyond that, consider our Premium AI services, or
  • contact one of our migration agents here for a paid consultation. (non AI)


Visa Application
You may start your migration plan, and a visa application by either:

  • DIY (do it yourself) with the support of AI-mmi, including but not limited to visa advisory, application form filling (limited forms at this stage), and document and application validation, or
  • engage one of our migration agents here for a professional visa service.

Why shall I pay to get answers from AI-mmi while I can get those for free from other AI chat bots like ChatGPT?

AI-mmi is specially trained on migration fields so she is more reliable and more capable in this area than other AI tools, and an alternative to migration agents. While you may get answers from other AI chat bots for free, it could be much more costly to you in a lifetime if you are not getting the most accurate and up dated information. Migration is a life impacting decision and you shall be relying on specially trained and subject matter experts in this field.

Shall I still hire a real migration agent if I can access to AI here?

We also acknowledge that AI may not and shall not completely replace human, therefore our AI-mmi platform continues to offer choices of working with professional migration agents or lawyers as a conventional option.


The benefits of working with an agent here (not AI):

  • If they are registered and licensed in the country they served, you will have a chance to file a complaint if you are not satisfied with their services (that you can’t do this on AI);
  • If your visa is not successful, the registered migration agent may file an appeal on your behalf for a review (that AI is unable to do this);
  • If your situation is complex, a professional agent may go through your case in more details and provide you with personal advice beyond the paper work and emotional support that AI is unable to offer;
  • If you just want to be completely hands-free, without the hassles of doing all the paper work and going through the process, you should hire a professional human to do all the works for you. There are still quite a sizeable amount of work you have to complete even with the help of AI;
  • If you are not less comfortable with online tasks, forms, professional English writing (especially writing your profile or visa related statements), and finding it hard to understand some of the policy and legal languages, working with a human being could be a better option.