Australia tightens student visa rules


Australia has tightened visa rules for international students amid rising migration. The stricter regulations announced are part of efforts to manage international student influx.

Major changes effective in 1 July 2024 are:
• English language requirements for student and graduate visas has been increased. Temporary Graduate visa applicants will now need to get an IELTS score of 6.5, up from 6.0. Those applying for a student visa will need a minimum score of 6.0 unless packaging the study with an English course.
• The financial requirements for student visa applicants have also been increased. Students who want to study in the country will now need to demonstrate savings of at least $24,505 - a 17% hike from previous levels.
• A new "genuine student test" has been introduced to further crack down on international students who look to come to Australia primarily to work, while the imposition of "no further stay" conditions will be used on more visitor visas.
• The maximum eligible age for graduate visa applicants will reduce to 35 years of age or under at the time of application, except Masters (research) and doctoral degree (PhD) graduates and Hong Kong and British National Overseas passport holders whose age limit will maintain at 50.

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